Hello & Welcome!

My name is Bhavya & I live in Chandigarh, India.
When I was little I started with painting, moved on to sewing my own clothes and creating jewelry, and then I found the digital world where it was possible to create anything!
Today I primarily create websites, and I also work with web development both front-end and back-end, specifically with JavaScript and PHP. I have a wide range of skills that can easily be applied to all sorts of projects.

When I create websites, I work primarily with WordPress just because it is such an amazing and flexible tool and it’s constantly evolving with the present. 

Why create your website with us

After doing a market study, we focus on meeting the objectives that a company that orders a website wants:

  1. Deadlines.
  2. A website that represents the image and values ​​of your business, with a personalized design.
  3. Functional, and that meets its objectives.
  4. Make it easy to manage.
  5. Page adapted for all devices: mobile phones, tablets …, what is called a Responsive web.
  6. Prepared to carry out advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, with which you will exponentially increase your reach to a greater number of potential customers who are looking forward to meeting you.

Therefore, our main focus is the creation of web pages. Our professionals are specialized in working with the latest design trends, knowing the best WordPress plugins, optimizing it, etc.